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IEC-9 - Mariánské Lázně/Czech Republic - 2011

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The 9th IEC was organized by Shah Wali Faryad and Ondrej Lexa and took place from August 6th to 9th 2011 at Mariánské Lázně, Czech Republic. 144 participants from 22 countries attended the conference.

A Pre-Conference field trip (60 participants) was organized in order to show high-pressure rocks of the German and the Czech part of the Saxonian Erzgebirge; field trip leaders were H.-J. Massonne, Wali Faryad . The Mid-Conference field trip on August 8th focused on peridotite and metabasic rocks of the Marianské Lázně metaophiolite complex. It was guided by L.G. Medaris (Jr.), E. Jelínek, S.W. Faryad. The Post-Conference field trip (August 10th to 13th) focused on HP and UHP rocks of South-Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic (70 participants). Field trip leader were S.W. S.W. Faryad, M. Svojtka, T. Koyabashi, M. Racek, O. Lexa, L.G. Medaris (Jr.), E. Jelínek, L. Ackermann.

The field guides were published in GeoLines, Vol. 23: “High-Pressure/Ultrahigh-Pressure Rocks in the Bohemian Massif”, Proceedings of the 9th international Eclogite Conference 2011 (eds. S.W. Faryad & L.G. Medaris (Jr.))

At IEC-9 for the first time prices for the best student presentation were organized. The winners were:

Best student talk
  1. Alicia Maria Cruz-Uribe (The Pennsylvania State University, PA, USA)
  2. Anastasia O. Mikhno (V.S. Sobolev Institute of Geology and Mineralogy, Novosibirsk, Russia)
Best student poster A special issue entitled "Mineral transformations in HP-UHP Metamorphic Terranes: Processes, Experiments and Observations, 9th International Eclogite Conference 2011" edited by L. Dobrzhinetskaya, S.W. Faryad and G. Hoinkes was pusblished in the Journal of Metamorphic Geology (Volume 31, Issue 1, 2013)
    L. Dobrzhinetskaya, S.W. Faryad and G. Hoinkes, Mineral transformations in HP–UHP metamorphic terranes, Pages 3–4

    L. F. Dobrzhinetskaya, R. Wirth, H.W. Green, A. Schreiber and E. O’Bannon, First find of polycrystalline diamond in ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic terrane of Erzgebirge, Germany, Pages 5–18

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