International Eclogite

+++ IEC-11 Special Issue of European Journal of Mineralogy +++


  1. The International Eclogite Conference (IEC) takes place every two years as an international scientific meeting focussing on high and ultrahigh pressure rocks and minerals.

  2. During the IEC´s, an official business meeting of the International Eclogite Conference Coordination Committee (IECCC) shall be convened. The IECCC shall consist of one delegate from each country, from which regularly attending participants play an active role in the success of the IEC. Currently (June 2015), the committee is composed of delegates from 21 countries.

  3. The official business meetings shall be attended only by the present delegates of the IECCC. If a delegate from a particular country is absent, a substitute for that meeting can be proposed by the president upon consultation with the delegates. In order to achieve effective and successful future planning, after the confidential part of the business meeting, the official IECCC delegate and additional members of the local organization committee of the host country for the upcoming meeting shall be invited. After the meeting, the non-confidential results are presented to the IEC attendees.

  4. Only the IECCC has the right to nominate a new delegate and to change the number of delegates. The appointment of a new committee delegate or the change of delegates will be discussed and decided in the business-meeting by the present IECCC delegates, in exceptional cases by e-mail voting.

  5. Only the IECCC decides about place and date of future IEC´s based on presentation of proposals and discussion in a business meeting.

  6. Customarily, at the closing ceremony of an IEC, the former president will hand over the chair to the new president, who shall be the managing organizer of the current IEC, for the following 2 years.