International Eclogite

+++ IEC-11 Special Issue of European Journal of Mineralogy +++

IEC-6 - Niihama/Japan - 2001

Niihama on the island of Shikoku, Japan was the host of the 6th IEC organized by Takao Hirajima. 130 participants attended the conference which took place between 1st and 7th of September 2001. Many participants at the meeting had travelled directly to Niihama from a workshop of the International Lithosphere Program Task Group III-8 in Waseda University, Tokyo, on the topic of Fluid/Slab/Mantle Interactions and Ultrahigh-Pressure Minerals.

Field excursions were lead to:

(1) Eclogites and garnet clinopyroxenites in the Gongen and Mt. Higashi-Akaishi Region (A. Takasu & M. Enami)

(2) Eclogite facies rocks and structures of the Seba Region (M Aoya, S. Wallis)

(3) HP-rock of the Kokuryou and Dozan Rivers Route (S. Banno, C. Tanaka & Y. Miyagi)

A spessial issue related to the 6th IEC was edited by A. Takasu, T. Hirajima, L.G. Medaris Jr., P.J. O'Brien: Lithos 70, 2003: pages xii-x (Preface) and 61-392 (articles)
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