International Eclogite

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IEC-4 - Cosenza/Italy - 1993

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The 4th IEC was held at Fuscaldo Cosenza (Italy) from September 6th-9th 1993 and organized by Lauro Morten. 78 participants from 16 countries attended and 80 contributions were presented. The abstracts have been published in Terra abstracts, 5, 1993.

Almost all participants attended the post-conference field trip to the blueschists of Diamante, Calabrian Arc and 40 of them participated in the field trip to the classical eclogite occurrences of the Ligurian and Western Alps. The garnet-bearing ultramafics and HP country-rocks of the Ulten migmatite-granulite Complex from Nonsberg area, Eastern Alps found the interest of 20 participants.

A special issue of papers related to the "Fourth International Eclogite Conference" published by the “European Journal of Mineralogy” (Volume 7, Issues 1, Pages 5-138; January, February 1995) was edited by Lauro Morten.
    L. Morten, Preface - Fourth international eclogite conference, Page 5

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    A. Indares and T. Rivers, Textures, metamorphic reactions and thermobarometry of eclogitized metagabbros; a Proterozoic example, Pages 43-56

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    D.A. Spencer, S. Tonarini, U. Pognante, Geochemical and Sr-Nd isotopic characterisation of higher Himalayan eclogites (and associated metabasites), Pages 89-102

    R. Bocchio, Chemical variations in clinopyroxene and garnet from eclogites of the Vara Valley (Voltri Group, Italy), Pages 103-117

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