International Eclogite

+++ IEC-11 Special Issue of European Journal of Mineralogy +++

IEC-3 - Würzburg/Germany - 1989

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Organized by Martin Okrusch, Würzburg in Germany hosted the 3rd IEC (18.-21.04.1989). 125 participants from 14 countries attended the meeting and 74 oral communications and posters were presented.

The Pre-conference field trip (10.-17.04.1989) to the Cyclades was guided by M. Okrusch and M. Bröcker. During the Post conference field trip, Münchberg Gneiss Complex and the drill site of the German Continental Deep Drilling Program (KTB) as well as the Marianske Lazne Complex (field guides: E. Jelínek, J. Tonika, Z. Misar) and Krusne hory (Erzgebirge; field guides F. Fediuk and H. Klapova) in Czech Republic were visited.

A special issue "Third International Eclogite Conference" was edited by M. Okrusch (Lithos 1990: Issues 1-3; 1-226).
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