International Eclogite

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IEC-2 - Vienna/Austria - 1985

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The 2nd IEC was held at Vienna (Austria) from August 28th - 31st, 1985. Heinz Georg Scharbert was the main organizer; ca. 110 participants attended who presented 60 oral presentations and a number of posters. The abstracts are to be found in Terra Cognita, 5, No. 4 (August 1985).

A pre-conference excursion to the eclogites of the Koralm and Saualm crystalline complex was led by Christine Miller (Miller, C., 1985: Metagabbros and eclogites in the Kor- and Saualpe, Austria. - Second International Eclogite Conference (SIEC) Excursion Guide Book, 49 S., Vienna).

The post-conference excursion examined the eclogites, gneisses and peridotites of the Bohemian Massif. The Austrian part was led by Tony Carswell (Sheffield), H. Poultidis and H.G. Scharbert (Vienna), the Czechoslovakian part by Z. Misar, A. Dudek, and K. Paděra (Prague).

A special issue "Second International Eclogite Conference" in Lithos (Volume 19, Pages 169-334, October 1986) was edited by Bill Griffin.
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