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+++ IEC-11 Special Issue of European Journal of Mineralogy +++

IEC-11 - Rio San Juan/Dominican Republic - 2015

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The 11th IEC was held between January 31st and February 7th at the Northern Coast of the Dominican Republic near the town of Rio San Juan. It was organized by Hans-Peter Schertl and Walter Maresch from the Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany. The conference was attended by 91 participants from 19 countries; during the three conference days 48 talks and 41 posters were presented (abstact volume).

A Pre-Conference field trip (January 31st – February 1st; 63 participants) was organized by Walter Maresch, Hans-Peter Schertl, Andreas Hertwig in the Northern Rio San Juan Complex; main focus was on high-pressure metamorphic blocks (blueschist, jadeitite, eclogite, orthogneiss) within a serpentinte melánge.

The Syn-Conference field trip (February 4st ) covered geological as well as archeological aspects. After the excavation site of a Taino village at Playa Grande where a multitude of jadeitite artefacts were found and the Amber Museum at Puerta Plata, two outcrops of the Rio San Juan complex were visited. Field leaders were Adolfo López Belando, Walter Maresch, Hans-Peter Schertl, Andreas Hertwig, Grenville Draper.

The two days Post-Conference field trip (70 participants) focused on UHP eclogite and garnet peridotite of the Cuaba Unit and high-pressure rocks of the Punta Balandra Unit (Samaná peninsula); it was guided by Rick Abbott, Walter Maresch, Grenville Draper.

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