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LL.M. at RUB

LL.M. at RUB

Common Information

Our master programme (Magister der Rechte, LL.M.) gives foreign graduated jurists an opportunity to acquire basic knowledge of the German legal system and to specialise in one particular field of law. Furthermore, postgraduate students will be able to compare the German legal system with the legal system of their home country.

For more information about our LL.M. programme click here.

Further information about RUB can be found at the university portal.

Legal basis of the LL.M. studies is the examination regulation of June, 22nd 2010 (SPO). (PDF)

Brief description

  • Magister Legum (LL.M.)
Target group
  • foreign jurists with an academic degree in their home country
Duration and closing date for applications
  • 2 semesters (begin of studies every winter semester)
  • closing date for applications: May, 31st every year
  • law degree comparable to the German first state examination (see § 2 JAG NRW).
  • German language skills (Confirmation by TestDaF 4x4, DSH II, or exemption due to special reasons as enumerated in § 8 RO-DT (2011) ).
  • ability of the applicant to succeed in the LL.M. studies.
Legal Basis
  • Studien- und Prüfungsordnung zum Magister der Rechte für im Ausland graduierte Juristinnen und Juristen der Juristischen Fakultät der Ruhr-Universität Bochum vom 22. Juni 2010 (SPO)PDF

Detailed information

1. Studies content

(1) Admission

Subsequent to the closing date for applications, the Master Committee decides about the admissions (for admission requirements see below 2.).

(2) Supervising tutor

During the process of admission, the Master Committee chooses a professor as supervisor for each applicant corresponding to the denoted interests and key areas of training. This selection ensures an ideal both functional and personal mentoring. For general questions beyond the curriculum, applicants may address the Centre for International Affairs.

(3) Enrolment

Immediately after receipt of the order of admission by the Dean of the Faculty applicants can enrol at RUB (s. below 3).

(4) Curriculum

Following enrolment and arrival in Bochum, students arrange their personal curriculum in consultation with the Centre for International Affairs as described below:

(a) Initial interview with supervising tutor

Initially students arrange an interview with their supervisor. In this interview their personal curriculum is arranged according to their interests and key areas of training.

(b) Available courses

Students are free to choose any law courses from RUB’s university calendar.
For compulsory elements, see below (d).

(c) Introductory course for all students

For all foreign students a special course Introduction to German law for foreign students takes place at the beginning of the winter semester. One part of it is held as a block course at the beginning of the semester and prepares the students for the proper curriculum. In the course law specific language skills are developed and the faculty and its institutions will be introduced. In addition to that, students will get a general introduction to German public, criminal and civil law. Attendance of the lecture including the exam is mandatory, § 8 II 3 SPO.

(d) Requirements of the curriculum according to § 8 SPO

Overall, students have to perform a total of 20 contact hours per week for the whole duration of the programme. Many courses cover two contact hours a week (differences possible!). Furthermore, master students have to attend a seminar preparing and helping to master your thesis. Every course has to be completed with a certificate which will be part of the final mark. Depending on the course, this may be a written or oral exam, a paper or a presentation. The exact type of examination for each course will be announced at its beginning and can, for some, be discussed with the lecturer.

In detail:

  • 1 basic course (e.g. history of law, criminology)
  • 1 compulsory course from the basic studies in one field of law - depending on the key area of training this is either public law, criminal law or civil law
  • 1 additional compulsory course in the same field of law as students' first compulsory course
  • 1 tutorial
  • Residual contact hours per week
  • Master degree thesis (for admission procedure s. 4.)

Please find an overview about basic and compulsory courses here.

2. Application

In order to participate in our master programme, you can easily apply online. Please note the deadline for all applications is May, 31st every year.

Application process:

(1) Application

Please fill in the LL.M. application formcompletely.

(2) Curriculum Vitae

Please attach a compelling curriculum vitae.

(3) Letter of motivation

Next, fill in the LL.M. motivation form.

(4) German Language Skills

Please add any of the following certificates to prove your German language skills (TestDaF 4x4 or DSH Stufe II, if there is no exemption because of § 8 RO-DT (2011))

(5) Letters of reference

Applicants need two letters of reference by other lawyers (e.g. your professor or supervisor). Applicants can choose these experts on their own. Each expert has to fill in the LL.M. approval form. You may ask them to send you the completed form via E-Mail, but you must ask them to send a signed hardcopy in a sealed envelope directly to us (address).

(6) Previous study results

(7) Statement of Comparability for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications

Please add a Statement of Comparability for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications issued by the Central Office for Foreign Education. For further information please visit this link. A sample of the statement you can find here.

(8) Other documents

(9) Shipping

Please send all required documents for your application in the above-named order in one E-Mail as one PDF-File to the Centre for International Affairs of the Faculty of Law (zfi-jura@rub.de).

After receival of your application we will get in touch with you.

3. Enrolment

Directly after the approval by the Dean of the Faculty of Law, you can enrol at RUB. More information can be found on the web page of RUB's International Office.
For further information please contact Miss Tatang at the International Office. .

4. Admission for written master thesis

The written master thesis has to be completed within 3 months. The topic is chosen in mutual agreement with the supervisor. For admission, the student has to provide the records of study as mentioned in § 14 SPO. You can find the admission form here.

5. Degree certificate

At the end of the studies the master's degree (LL. M.) is awarded by the Faculty of Law. The master's degree proves that the degree holder has general knowledge of German law and in-depth knowledge in a particular field of law. At the end of the studies the master's degree (LL. M.) is awarded by the Faculty of Law. The master's degree proves that the degree holder has general knowledge in German law and in-depth in a particular field of law.

6. General questions

For all general questions, help is offered by RUB's International Office with its RUBiss-Programme. . Information about regular law studies at RUB can be found at the webpage of the Dean's office.

In case of problems with the registration for lectures and exams via VSPL, the Infoportal might help you.

7. Sample Application

Kursangebot WiSe 2017/18

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