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Certificate Program

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The Legal Faculty’s Certificate Program in Anglo-American Law & Language offers those students, who wish to pursue a study abroad or additional qualifications in their future careers the possibility to expand their knowledge in the English legal language. In various core and elective courses, students can learn about the Anglo-American legal system and discuss various international topics.


  • Professional legal education in the English legal language
  • Start is possible in both the Summer- and the Winter Semester
  • A total of 16 weekly hours’ worth of classes to be completed – A total of 8 courses compiled of 3 core courses with a written exam and 5 elective courses without an exam – Obligatory attendance in all courses
  • Multiple block courses
  • Advanced standing is available through courses that had already been completed
  • Final exam at the end of the Program (written and oral exam)
  • Highly qualified lecturers from academia and the legal profession
  • Preparation for the study or stay abroad
  • Preparation for a future career in an international environment


You need to file a request for admission into the Anglo-American Law & Language Certificate Program at the Center for International Affairs. You can find the form, which also lists all necessary attachments, here or directly at the CfIA.

You can request advanced standing through foreign language legal courses that you have already completed such as “Introduction to American Law” and other, similar English-language legal courses in the field of Anglo-American Law acquired abroad.

You can file your request directly at our offices, per regular mail addressed to
Juristische Fakultät, Zentrum für Internationales
Gebäude CG 8/39, Universitätsstr. 150. D-44780 Bochum
or per email under zfi-jura@rub.de.

You have to separately register for the individual courses through eCampus. You can visit one or two core courses per semester. In addition, you can visit a number of elective courses, some of which are on offer as block courses during the semester break. These courses do not require you to successfully pass an exam.

The final exam consists of a written and an oral part. You can register for the final exam with a form at the Center for International Affairs. If you passed all three core courses and can prove the participation at additional courses up to 16 weekly hours’ worth of classes, you will be admitted to the final exam. Upon passing the final exam, you receive a Certificate with your final grade adding up as the average of two components: first, the average of your three core course written exam grades, and second, the average of your written and oral final exam.