Center of Solvation Science

Press releases 2011

Here, the English press releases are posted. You find further press releases (in German) on the German version of this page.

09.11.2011: Press release 360, RUB

ZEMOS will be realized
The Joint Science Conference approves the establishment of a “Center for Solvation Science”
100 RUB scientists will be investigating solvent driven and solvent controlled processes

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19.09.2011: Press release 280, RUB

Observed live: Water is an active team player for enzymes
RUB researchers report in Nature Structural & Molecular Biology
Water acts as an "adhesive" in biological enzyme substrate compounds

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01.09.2011: Press release 262, RUB

Excellence Initiative: Ruhr-Universität Bochum on the finish line
Enhancing existing international networks: the Cluster of Excellence RESOLV, RUB Research School plus and the overall Institutional Strategy Research Campus RUB
Ruhr-Universität Bochum submits full proposals for all three funding lines

Research field of the Cluster of Excellence proposal „RESOLV“: Solvents as active units

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25.01.2011: Press release 409, RUB

“Junges Kolleg”: five out of fifteen new members come from the RUB
Consistent promotion of young researchers: a springboard to professorship
RUB young academics’ applications are successful

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