About the DYNET/SEEFORM project

The DYNET network (abbreviation for Dynamic Networking) has been established within the special DAAD program - "Academic Reconstruction of Southeastern Europe" upon the initiative of Ruhr-University Bochum and it´s Faculty of Civil Engineering in the year 2000. DYNET represents institutionalized cooperation between partners from Germany and partner countries in Southeast Europe aimed at improvement of research in Southeastern Europe.

The South East European Graduate School for Master and PhD Formation (SEEFORM) is a project inside DYNET network, established in 2004. It is supported by the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) and the (former) European Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.

SEEFORM project offers structured doctoral program, though which qualified PhD students from southeastern Europe (SOE) are supported in their research by advisors in their home universities in SOE, as well as by the co-advisors from one of the German universities. Students also obtain financial support for their research stay in Germany in duration of 2 months per year.
DAAD has recognized the significance of the existence of SEEFORM project and supported it financially since it´s foundation, with the total amount of approximately 1.6 Million Euros.

Number of DYNET/SEEFORM scholarship holders per year since the formation of the project

Aim of the project

The most important objective of the SEEFORM is support for research and teaching in Civil engineering in SOE, as well as Integration of the SEE engineers into the scientific community. Project also strongly supports development of joint international research activities of Germany with SOE, as well as inside SOE itself.

The cooperation of German universities with the universities of Nis, Skopje and Belgrade have been strengthened, and contacts to other civil engineering faculties (i.e. Mostar, Sarajevo (BiH), Pristina (KOS), Osijek (CRO)) have been firmly integrated into the network. The project has also brought to higher cooperation in technical application projects with significance for the inclusion of undergraduates and postdocs in the construction practice.

Partner universities

Following universities that are currently active in the SEEFORM project:
In Germany : Ruhr-University Bochum, Bochum University of Applied Sciences, Technical University of Munich, University of Technology Cottbus, KIT Karlsruhe, RTWH Aachen, Technical University of Berlin, Techinical University of Dortmund.
In Serbia : University of Belgrade and University of Nis.
In Macedonia : University of Skopje and IZIIS.
In Kosovo: University of Pristina.
DYNET/SEEFORM partner countries in SEE


Training Seminar
Training seminar consists of one week of training research competences and generic skills.
Previous Training Seminar was held in Skopje/Macedonia, 24.06. – 30.06.2015.

Progress Seminar
Progress seminar provides quality control and supervision management. The PhD candidates involved in SEEFORM get the chance to present their work in progress in writing their thesis in front of all the mentors from Germany and SOE.
Previous Progress Seminar was held in Ohrid/Macedonia, 30.09. – 03.10.2015.


Steering committee
Steering committee deals with administration and coordination of the project, strategic planning and establishing regional contacts. Members of the Steering Committee:
• Prof. Rüdiger Höffer
• Prof. Elena Dumova-Jovanoska
• Prof. Mira Petronijevic
• Prof. Djordje Djordjevic
• Prof. Mirjana Vukicevic
• Prof. Vesna Lopicic
• Prof. Ivanka Popovic
• Prof. Florim Grajcevci
• Prof. Todorka Samardzioska
• Prof. Meri Cvetkovska

Lecture Committee
Lecture Committee develops and organizes training seminars and organizes conference participations. Members of LC are:
• Prof. Tamara Nestorovic
• Doc. Dr. Vladimir Vitanov
• Prof. Violeta Mircevska
• Prof. Dragan Stojic
• M.Sc. Marko Radisic
• Prof. Florim Grajcevci

Advisory Board
Advisory Board does counseling with respect to the research and conditions for the doctoral formation set by the European Research Area, the European market for engineers and individual training programs. The members of the Advisory Board are:
• Dr. C. Wüllner
• Prof. G. Markovski
• Prof. Sumarac

List of DYNET/SEEFORM students 2016   (326606)

List of former DYNET/SEEFORM students   (48393)