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Fluid Dynamics


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Höffer

Teaching format / class hours per week during the semester:

Lectures: 1 hour per week
Exercises: 1 hour per week


The technical basics of dynamic fluid flows are introduced, studied and recapitulated as well as related problems which are relevant for practical applications and solution procedures with an emphasis put on computational aspects. The lectures and exercises contain the following topics:

  • short review of hydrostatics and dynamics of incompressi-ble flows involving friction (conservation of mass, energy and momentum, Navier-Stokes equations)
  • potential flow
  • isotropic turbulence and turbulence in a boundary layer flow
  • flow over streamlined and bluff bodies

The students are guided in the exercises to working out assessment and solution strategies for related, typical technical problems in fluid dynamics.


Mathematics (module 1); Solid Mechanics (module 2)

Learning target / competences:

The students shall acquire consolidated skills of the basic laws of hydraulics, potential theory, flow dynamics and turbulence theory. The students shall be enabled to assess and to solve technical problems related to flow dynamics in hydraulics and in aerodynamics.


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Study/exam achievements:

written examination (75 minutes)

Registration and lecture notes:

s. e-learning platform "Blackboard"