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Dynamics of Structures


Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Höffer

Teaching format / class hours per week during the semester:

Lectures: 2 hours per week
Exercises: 2 hours per week
Seminars during lectures and exercises


The lecture recapitulates the theory of the single-degree-of-freedom oscillator and deepens the methodology of the calculation of multi-degree-of-freedom systems. A second focus is put on the modelling and the computation of random vibrations of structures. Dynamical analyses are based on simplified models of structures and on the application of modal analysis. The spectral method for a stationary, broad-banded excitation mechanism like wind excitation is introduced. The response spectrum method for the treatment of earthquake excitations is applied. In addition to the procedures in the frequency domain numerical representations of stochastic processes in time domain are explained.
The contents of the lecture are deepend during the excercises and through seminar papers performed by the students. The presentation of related results through students is part of the modul.


Mechanics of Solids (compulsory, 1st semester)
Numerical Methods in Dynamics (compulsory, 2nd semester)

Learning target / competences:

The students shall attain the qualifications to build up realistic models of dynamically excited engineering structures and of the excitation mechanism including simplified, stochastic excitation models for wind or earthquake impacts, and to analyse the structural responses.


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Study/exam achievements:

Written examination of 120 minutes duration
Student research projects (seminar papers) in: modal analysis, stochastic dynamics

Registration and lecture notes:

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