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Giving and Sponsorship

The Ruhr-Universität acknowledges its social responsibility, because here the course is set for the future. It breaks new ground and also implements bold ideas. Anyone wishing to be part of new achievements in this innovation-friendly environment will find numerous opportunities as patrons and sponsors to get involved and to support the next generation or special projects.

  • Only with excellent education, can young people lay the foundation stone for a fulfilling career.
  • Only excellent research enables excellent education and helps our society respond better to future challenges.
  • Only excellent conditions for students and research make it possible to honour these high standards.

The RUB already stands today for academic expertise at an international level, for research for the benefit of society and economy and for the education of highly qualified students. The aim is to develop the campus increasingly into a human, open-minded and high-powered living space. But excellence requires excellent sponsors: individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs or former entrepreneurs can make a decisive contribution, for example through donations, sponsorship, or patronage.

Take on responsibility – become a sponsor or patron