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Social Responsibility

To educate excellent young talent and research for social and technological progress: these are the two core tasks of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB), with which it fulfils its educational mission and its social responsibility. The university does not exist in a vacuum; it is rooted in the midst of life and society. As a cosmopolitan, international university, it is also firmly rooted in its region and contributes to the development of the Ruhr area.

Scientists from the RUB are developing, for instance, an education monitor that is intended to help further improve the educational structure in the Ruhr area. Moreover, numerous RUB scientists are working with and in institutions in the Rhine and Ruhr area, the universities in the Ruhr area co-operate closely (e.g. in the University Alliance Metropolis Ruhr), and for the benefit of the region, the RUB is in constant dialogue with leaders from politics, economics and culture.

Give and take: The RUB achieves a great deal and also offers society – whether private individuals, foundations or businesses – the opportunity to engage and participate. Sponsors can take on responsibility and actively help shape the future, for example through the scholarship programme and the RUB foundation, but also as partners in specific research projects.