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Academic and athletic top performances

Rowing, athletics, fencing and football: many successful top athletes from all these fields study at Ruhr-Universität Bochum. As official “partner university of top sports”, RUB offers those athletes the ideal conditions for maximising their performance in sport competitions as well as degree courses.

Visible results

RUB athletes leave their competition far behind in national as well as international tournaments. From university championships, through world championships to the Olympic Games: As successful role models, they illustrate that Ruhr-Universität produces top performances in all fields.

Partner University of Top Sports

As “partner university of top sports”, RUB guarantees that the students’ academic and sports careers will progress smoothly. In addition to flexible attendance and exam schedules, the students are also granted, for example, free access to the university’s sports facilities.

The full range of support services for top athletes can be found at: