Guiding Principle of the RUB

The trio of values, humane - accomplished - open to the world, represent the cornerstones of the RUB environment. This space is more than just the sum of its individual elements: Humane and open to the world means to respect diverse cultures and to give guests a home. Humane and accomplished means jointly developing creative forces, to “tackle” things with verve and ambition.

“Campus RUB” is the contemporary universitas – the community in which people take centre stage.

Living universitas

The members of the universitas teach others and, at the same time, learn from each other – whether in science, studies, engineering, or management. Universitas promotes and demands codetermination from everyone – a far cry from academic or hierarchical structures. Living universitas is: When students in the eTutoring project plan courses; when the promotional funding line of the research fund is judged solely by doctoral students; the uncomplicated interaction of researchers from various disciplines.