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Prof. Dr Axel Schölmerich

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University Development

Letting universitas grow

Our institutional strategy has been instrumental in shaping the dynamic developments of recent years. Even though the strategy was not funded in the first round of the Excellence Initiative, we were able to realise substantial components of it, not least thanks to considerable financial support from regional state government and the Stiftung Mercator (Mercator Foundation). Our institutional strategy for the second round of the Excellence Initiative builds on this foundation and provides fundamental guidelines and stimuli for the development of the university in the coming years.

The underlying, systematically structured strategic planning and structural decisions were laid down in 2011 in the second University Development Plan endorsed by the University Council, and in the target and performance agreement IV with the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The key development plans focus on the strengthening of interdisciplinary research priorities and the promotion of Early Career Researchers. The establishment of Research Departments, the university-wide Research School, and the establishment of Mercator Research Groups all serve this purpose. The creation of a university-wide International Faculty with its range of programmes will ensure funding for individual research of equally outstanding merit.

When it comes to teaching, the establishment of a Professional School of Education is institutionally in the foreground. Structurally, we are concentrating on the further development of the established Bachelor and Master degrees in order to strengthen the internationalisation and research orientation.