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To recruit the best – to keep the best

In their contributions to the university development plan, the faculties, RUB’s disciplinary institutional units, have expressed clear qualitative and quantitative development goals. They are the foundation for regular structural discussions between faculties and the Rectorate, in which the alignment of the next vacant professorships and their prioritisation, as well as related investment plans are coordinated. Measures are also agreed to further internationalisation, to increase the share of women among the professors, and to improve the performance parameters. These agreements in turn form the basis for an appointments policy supported jointly by the faculties and the university management under the motto "Recruit the best, keep the best".

Targeted and proactive

On the initiative of the Rectorate, the Ruhr Universität Bochum (RUB) has combined and redesigned the release and appointment procedure for professorships. The pillars of the new appointments policy are:

  • From the text of the advertisement to the appointments list and right up to the appointment itself, the individual steps and decisions within the release and appointments process are consistently and systematically interlinked.
  • The RUB pursues an actively forward-looking appointments policy: The combined release procedure takes into account the foreseeable vacancies over several years. Prioritisations incorporate both university-strategic considerations and  academic requirements as well as medium-term financial margins.
  • In this way, the new appointments and the structural development plans of the academic disciplines interlock. The aim is to give higher priority to interdisciplinary interests and increase the proportion of international professors.
  • The RUB has developed numerous tools to shorten the appointments procedure and make it even more attractive for outstanding academics.