Dortmunder U
Photo: Tbachner, [CC-BY-3.0], Wikimedia Commons

Dortmund: Dortmunder U

Between 1927 and 1994, the industrial building in Dortmund's city, with a height of 70 metres, housed what temporarily used to be West Germany's largest brewery: Dortmund's Union-Brauerei. As far back as 1929, more than one million hectolitres beer were produced and bottled here. In 1968, a nine-metre tall "U" was installed on the roof of the building, which soon established itself as the brewery's trademark. After Union-Brauerei moved to its new production premises in Lüdgendortmund in 1994, the municipality purchased the abandoned brewery tower and redeveloped it as an art and creativity centre in the course of RUHR.2010. Since then, the tower has housed, for example, Museum Ostwall, a renowned Fluxus art centre.