Essen: Grugapark

In Essen, there is a lot "Gruga" to be found – first and foremost, it refers to the trade fair premises and the large surrounding park. However, hardly anyone is aware that "Gruga" is an acronym for "Große Ruhrländische Gartenbauausstellung" ("large Ruhr-country horticultural exhibition"), which took place in Essen in 1929. Today, one would refer to it as "Bundesgartenschau" ("federal horticultural exhibition") or perhaps "Landesgartenschau" ("state horticultural exhibition"). This is precisely how Grugapark is designed. It is a place to admire horticulture, and the Botanic Garden holds fascinating exotic plants and even animals. Attractions for children, sports, wellness and art are likewise available. Thanks to the many eateries, you can safely spend an entire day in the park.