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Photo: Tuxyso [CC-BY-SA-3.0], Wikimedia Commons

Culture and recreation

There’s more to life than just work and study. These commitments should not stop us from enjoying ourselves in our leisure time: long walks, cycling tours, boat trips, cinema, theatre, concerts, museums as well as a plethora of impressive monuments that reflect the region's industrial history. There’s something for everyone here. Cultural and recreational destinations featured on this portal have been geographically sorted, so to speak. They are arranged according to their respective location, namely the RUB campus, the city of Bochum and the rest of the Ruhr region.


A campus museum housing ancient and contemporary art, plus regular exhibitions in the library and in Musisches Zentrum as well as various works of art at the RUB campus – there's a lot to see here. People who enjoy listening have the option to visit concerts and theatre performances in the Audimax resp. in the Musisches Zentrum theatre. The Botanic Garden and the Chinese Garden are likewise worth a visit. Read more...


Bergbaumuseum is unique in Germany; Schauspielhaus ranks among the country's best theatres. In addition to these highlights, the city offers plenty of other opportunities to experience art and culture and/or to engage in recreational activities. Notably, there is an inline skating lane with a length of 8 km at the lake Kemnader See. Next year, a new concert venue will be inaugurated. Read more...

Ruhr Metropolis

Coal and steel dictated the Ruhr's rhythm for a long time. All that is now long in the past; today, life in Ruhr revolves around the carefully restored former industrial facilities in a different way: the buildings are used as spectacular venues for cultural and recreational events and activities. The must-visit location is Zeche Zollverein in Essen, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Moreover, there is an almost unlimited number of museums and theatres (including an opera). Read more...