Musisches Zentrum

Musisches Zentrum

Located directly at the university bridge, the Musisches Zentrum (MZ) has the full range of stages and workshops at its disposal: sculpture and etching, painting studio, digitally equipped photography workshop, professional photography studio, photography lab, rehearsal room for the choir, rehearsal rooms for musicians, rehearsal stage as well as a concert and theatre hall. In the Studiobühne, plays are performed by both the MZ ensemble and by independent student troupes. In addition, theatre, photography, painting, drawing and graphic reproduction courses likewise take place in the MZ, and it is home to the RUB choir and orchestra. The MZ foyer frequently hosts art exhibitions in the fields of “fine arts” and “photography”.

The Musisches Zentrum (fine arts centre, MZ) is one of the principal university divisions, giving students and other RUB members the opportunity to get involved in the following artistic fields: photography, fine arts, music, theatre (“Studiobühne”).

Each MZ segment offers elective-course modules for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students.

The divisions’ main topics and dates for the respective semester are listed in the current programme guide and on the MZ website; here you can also find all current courses and projects.

MZ FotografieGoodbye snapshot!

Creating great photos surely is the dream of most people. The Musisches Zetrum shows you the ropes: here, aspiring photographers acquire the necessary know-how.
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MZ KunstSkilled with the brush

The Musisches Zentrum is the port of call for all those who wish to explore their artistic talents: the fine arts segment offers, for example, graphic reproduction, nude drawing and nature studies courses.
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MZ MusikPull out all the stops!

A passion for violin, trumpet or baritone? The full monty of musical delights awaits music enthusiasts at the Musisches Zentrum. The music unit comprises a wealth of ensembles, including a choir and an orchestra.
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MZ TheaterLights off, spot on

Dreaming of directing a play? Or of bringing Shakespeare’s Romeo to life on stage? Theatre lovers have a chance to do just that at the Studiobühne in the Musisches Zentrum.