50 Years RUB

In 2015, Ruhr-Universität will be celebrating its 50th anniversary – and it will be huge! Over the span of the entire year, a wealth of events will take place on the campus and all across the city. The celebrations kick off with the "50 Years – 50 Lectures" programme in January. 50 academics from all RUB faculties are going to hold lectures targeting the general public and dealing with interesting research subjects. The festivities will peak at the beginning of June. On the night of June 5, a huge Gala is going to take place. On the next day, Universitätsstraße will be closed down for car traffic – a concept based on the famous Stillleben at the A40 motorway during the Capital of Culture Year 2010. Rather than by cars, the street will be populated by RUB members and citizens of Bochum at their stands, celebrating the motto "BlauPause". A ceremony with high-ranking personages from the fields of politics, business and science is going to top off the programme on that same day, June 6, 2015.