Rottstr. 5
Photo: AMPHITRYON / rottstr5theater / Birgit Hupfeld

Rottstr 5 Theater

Rottstr5-Theater is an unconventional offstage theatre in the City of Bochum (namely: in Rottstraße 5). Without the aid of public moneys, a group of young, ambitious theatre makers has carved out a reputation that stretches beyond the borders of Bochum. "Fight Club" and "Werther", classic and modern – the Rottstr5 ensemble conjures up an individual adaptation every single time. In addition to in-house productions, the programme also includes guest performances by other theatre makers as well as readings and concerts. The performances take place in a gloomy vault under a railway bridge, which rattles in regular intervals whenever the Glückauf train passes by. Rather than being seated on red velvet cushions, the audience of approx. 40 people sits on sofas, in old cinema chairs and on bar stools. A unique ambience!