Photo: Bochum Marketing GmbH, Andreas Molatta

Bochum's music summer

Since its launch in 2007, Bochum's music summer has established itself as a city festival for all generations and for people from all walks of life. Once a year, Bochum Boulevard is turned into a giant concert stage: some 1000 artists present their skills over a period of three days – the repertoire stretches from electronic dance music, through jazz and classical music, to traditional chorales. The secret is a blend of big names and newcomers; in the recent years, artists such as Wolf Maahn and Jasmin Tabatabai were among the performers. Moreover, the wine fair takes place at the same time, where wine growers from a number of German wine-producing regions present their wines, sparkling wines and specialties. In conclusion: a successful mixture of music, art and culinary delights.