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Administrative Departments

Headed by the Chancellor, the administration of the RUB is divided into nine Administrative Departments. Those areas which are strategically important for the university’s development are represented by offices, which can be subordinated both to the Chancellor and the Rector.

In the interests of active administration, the two primary tasks of administration are, together with the university management, to contribute to the strategic development of the RUB, and facilitate the work of students and staff through top quality services.

University Development and Strategy

Administrative Department 1 compiles data and statistics and is in charge of academia, research, university development and transfer; moreover, it supports the central self-governance bodies.

Administrative Department 1

Student Services and International Office

Administrative Department 2 handles and issues and concerns of prospective and current students. With its service range, it assists students all the way until successful graduation and career start.

Administrative Department 2

Human Resources and Law

Administrative Department 3 is in charge of the RUB’s Human Resources and law matters.

Administrative Department 3

Finance Department

The field of financial management includes all tasks pertaining to procuration, service contracts, invoice processing, external funding and tax.

Administrative Department 4

Facility Management

The Department’s duties also include building service and maintenance, e.g. facility management, logistics and relocation management, the print centre and the coordination office.

Administrative Department 5.I

Construction and Real Estate

Administrative Department 5.II deals with building planning, construction and redevelopment, as well as floor-space and rental management and building-related finances including accounting and public procurement.

Administrative Department 5.II

Organisational and Professional Development

The Department's duties and responsibilities include assisting Ruhr-Universität in accomplishing its development objectives. It focuses on supporting organisational structures and processes as well as ongoing training for the university's executive personnel and staff.

Administrative Department 6

Administrative Department of the Medical Faculty

Administrative Department 7 is responsible for the Faculty of Medicine and the university clinic. Its function includes financial management and Human Resources management in both these areas.

Administrative Department 7

Corporate Communications

Administrative Department 8 houses the PR, branding and Science Communications. The photo resp. graphic design agency provides its services to all university members.

Administrative Department 8

Legal Department

The Legal Department handles the RUB legal issues: law suits, invention notices, contracts, damages and issues pertaining to the right of examination.

Legal Department