Lebensraum Campus

Living Space Campus

In future, the campus as living space will reflect the founding ideas of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) more than ever: providing the best possible conditions for research and teaching. Promoting the proximity of the individual sciences to each other and creating a breeding ground for new cross-disciplinary ideas.

Service and culture

Service and cultural facilities such as the student service centre, library, general students’ committee, administration, cafeteria, day nursery, arts centre, and various shops are strung out along the central axis or are directly accessible from it, so they are within easy reach for everybody on the campus. At the same time, they are meeting places and provide space for the international cooperation of teachers and learners. The redevelopment of the buildings and the construction of new buildings will be closely oriented to environmental and economic framework conditions. At the same time, more than ever, the campus is to serve as living space, which goes beyond research, teaching, and service. The city of Bochum wants to open itself further to the RUB – for this purpose, a “master plan university-town” has been drawn up together with the town council.

First central building block

An important building block of the living space campus is the day nursery (KiTa) “UniKids”. It stands as an example for the way that “life” at the RUB consists of more than research and teaching. The compatibility of family and career is a necessary prerequisite for ensuring that our young academics and students feel well catered for at the RUB.