The Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB) of the 21st Century is a modern, international campus in a new dimension: The central axes are expanding and drawing even more greenery into the campus from its picturesque surroundings (additional grass and water areas and planted roofs).

Central reception area

In future, we will welcome our members and guests at a central reception area in the north of the campus. This welcoming orientation point will connect the city with the living space of the campus. The broadened university bridge will be turned into a “living bridge” with an avenue of trees, wooden terraces, a kiosk, copy shop, and a café.

North-south axis (central axis/main thoroughfare)

The university bridge will merge into the new central axis running from north to south. The cultural and service facilities of the RUB are to be situated along this axis. The striking Audimax will remain the centre of the campus. The cafeteria will be located in the south, overlooking the Ruhr Valley, and where the campus meets green fields, the new day nursery will be set up.

The east-west axis (transverse axis)

On the east-west axis, research and teaching will continue to go hand in hand in the faculty buildings. The I-row is to be extended to the east around the building ID and the G-row to the west around the building GD.


Between the lecture hall centre and the Audimax is the so-called “cross-campus”, which connects the lateral axes. On this large area, small shops will round off the provisions for our students.