ZEMOS is an essential part of the collaborative research proposal RESOLV (Ruhr Explores Solvation). The new building will offer space for 100 scientists ranging from chemists, biochemists to engineers. Bridging the different and versatile disciplines will be realized in the “Center for Solvation Science” (German: „Zentrum für molekulare Spektroskopie und Simulation solvensgesteuerter Prozesse“ - ZEMOS).

About 44 M Euro will be assigned to the investigation of solvation processes (Solvation Science) at RUB. Solvation – dissolving of a chemical substance – is one of the most basic processes in chemistry, in chemical engineering, and in biology.


The new center will bundle the expertise of more than 20 research groups of RUB, Max Planck Institutes (“Kohlenforschung”, Mülheim, and “Eisenforschung”, Düsseldorf), and the Fraunhofer Institute “UMSICHT” (Oberhausen). It will intensively and immediately collaborate with international world-class institutions in this research field, such as the universities located in Cambridge, Berkeley, Yale, and the Israeli Weizmann Institute.

ZEMOS will be built east of the ND building (total space: almost 4.000 square meters). The construction is planned to be completed by spring 2016.