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Day Nursery

With staff-friendly opening hours and flexible care hours, bilingual groups and numerous collaborations with various faculties (RUB’s disciplinary institutional units), we are implementing a unique model concept at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB). Certified as a “family-friendly university”, the new day-care centre “UniKids” is close to our hearts.

This is illustrated by the location alone – in the midst of countryside on a southern slope – the “crown jewel” of the RUB. The educational concept of the nursery originates mainly from RUB-developmental psychologists and is directly reflected in the architectural design. In the new childcare facility there will be space for up to ninety children of RUB members and foreign guests. Of this, forty-eight places are to be reserved for children under the age of three, which corresponds to the particular needs of parents at the RUB. The opening of the day nursery is planned for Spring 2012.

 “UniKids” sees itself not only as a care facility, but will also be a place of learning, experience, and education. The high quality care is to promote cognitive-linguistic and emotional development. Educational goals will include early, child-friendly development and the principle of internationalism which is lived at the RUB.