Planung GD
© HENN Architekten München


To push ahead with the campus modernisation which is already underway, the new building GD is planned in the humanities row. The building GD is to be completed by the middle of 2018 and occupied by the faculties of the GC building: the law students, the economists, and social scientists.

The construction of the new building is a prerequisite for the redevelopment of the remaining buildings in the G row. In future, GD is to accommodate the three faculties (RUB’s disciplinary institutional units) currently in GC and create new working and learning conditions for some 10,000 students. Before the redevelopment, the vacated building GC is to be used for a period of five years to accommodate about 4,000 additional students from the double intake of school leavers at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum (RUB).

Location issue

The original plan of the campus from 1963 already provided for a building GD at roughly the site now proposed. The trees removed from there are to be replanted three times over at another location. The planned new building does not encroach on the adjacent conservation area.

Alternative locations were considered and rejected under legal, functional, and financial aspects. The other sites proposed were also rejected for reasons relating to landscape conservation and preservation of historic buildings.