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The Uni-Zwerge was founded as an association on 31.08.1998. In the same year they were awarded the Lore Agnes Prize for achievements in the promotion of women by the Rectorate.

Since September 1998 our Zwerge have been enlivening rooms GA02/129 and 130. 2004 the Vox show "Style Attack" provided colourful, professional interior decoration. In 2018 the Zwerge were renovated once again, for which we are very grateful to the RUB.

Today, the Uni-Zwerge have been shaping childcare at the RUB for almost 21 years. Much has changed since the early days, when parents were solely responsible for looking after their children. Today, the parents still help to look after the children, but a team of committed and trained pedagogical experts has become the heart of the Uni-Zwerge.

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