Student Mentors and Tutors at the Ruhr-University of Bochum

Students care for Students

The different Faculties of the Ruhr-University offer mentoring programs to first-year students as an easy introduction to the new academical environment. Advanced students coach groups of first-year students. As student mentors (in German "Orientierungstutoren") they serve as guides for orientation at the university and within the new living conditions. In addition they provide information about the standards at their faculty as well as about academical working techniques. Last but not least mentors provide moral support. Besides the new arrivals can easily make new friends in their mentoring group.

Students instruct Students

In the course of their studies students can also participate in tutorials held by fellow upper-division students. Their aim is to complement technical courses held by professors. The tutors (in German "Fachtutoren") lead discussions or guide the reflexion and repetition of learning matters. Others lead project teams, laboratory courses or practical courses. In contrast to the student mentors the tutors' focus is on the technical wrap-up. As students they have a more direct contact to the concerns of their fellow students than the professors do.

Training for Tutors and Mentors

From the tutors these various tasks demand technical knowledge as well as excellent social and communication skills. In giving tutorials students get a great chance of enhancing their interdisciplinary skills.

The ZAT (Central Office for the Training of Tutors and Mentors) provides ready-made or tailormade training and reflexion units for tutors of all faculties.

Interdisciplinary skills like communication skills and group leading techniques are practised. We use discussions, team work and role plays to provide an interactive approach to these topics. The faculties are responsible for the technical and organizational preparation of the tutors.

In certain circumstances we provide training units in English upon request.

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