Research Library

A library of well over 6000 volumes is currently available at the Research Unit, the majority of these being books and journals on Taiwanese literature and culture. Holdings have been expanded from originally 3,500 volumes in 1999 to approximately 5,000 volumes in 2008 (owing to a generous book donation from the Taipei Representative Office in Berlin) to their current size in 2012. The Taiwan Research Library collection has been computerized almost entirely and is globally accessible via the Faculty Library online catalogue.

The library holds a complete 500-volume set of Suwenxue congkan 俗文學叢刊 / Folk Literature: Materials in the Collection of the Institute of History and Philology (Taipei: Shin Wen Feng, 2002–2006). Recent purchases include several smaller anthologies and serial editions published by Shin Wen Feng and more than 100 titles of authors represented at the 2011 Frankfurt Book Fair.

The library is located inside the University Library building on the 4th floor, rooms 4/2-3.

Items may be borrowed for a brief period if a deposit is made.