Syntactic analysis of preposition-noun combinations

The main research question focusses on the factors that legitimize productive combinations where the grammar would require the combination of a preposition with a full-flegded NP – containing a determiner if the noun is singular – only. In a wide variety of languages, this rule seems to be weakened in combinations of a preposition with a nominal projection, as e.g. in auf parlamentarische Anfrage (‘after being asked in parliament’), ohne mündliche Vorwarnung, (‘without verbal warnings’), unter sanfter Androhung (‘under gentle threat’).
In our work, we have considered morphological, syntactic, and semantic factors in the construction of these non-canonical-combinations as well as those of regular PPs and NPs. From a grammatical perspective, among manifold manifestations especially those combinations are worth investigating that exhibit four properties: the noun in the combination must be countable, determiner omission must only be possible if the phrase is embedded under a PP, the omission is optional and the combination must have phrasal status.

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