Theoretical and Computational Linguistics

Current Projects

Open questions we are looking to answer …

In our research we combine questions from theoretical and computational linguistics using a combination of methods from theoretical linguistics, experimental linguistics and computer linguistics (Linguistic Data Science). On these pages you will find information on current and most recent projects: questions, approaches and teams.
Additionally, you will find up to date interim results, publications, and announcements of upcoming presentations and publications.

Position and Interpretation of adverbial PPs in German clause structure

We approach the hypothesis that adverbial modifiers occupy absolute or relative fixed position in German clause structure. Therefore, we conduct experimental studies with test items systematically derived from annotated corpus data. The project is supported by a DFG grant (KI-759-8-1).

The grammar of Experiencer-Object verbs: theoretical, computational and experimental approaches towards reflexive binding in German

The project aims for an empirical model of the properties of EO verbs and a uniform analysis of German word order patterns and reflexive binding. The project is supported by a DFG grant (KI-759-8-1).

Accounting for the Foundations of Mass

This project is supported by the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Foundation which has awarded the Annaliese Maier Research Award to the Canadian professor Francis Jeffry Pelletier (University of Alberta, Edmonton and Simon Fraser University, Burnaby B.C.)

Completed Projects

… and answers we were able to find.

These are some of our completed projects: research questions and results, methods and valuable interim results.

Syntactic analysis of preposition-noun combinations

The project investigated the grammar of non-canonic combinations of prepositions and countable singular nouns that violate the near-universal tendency of determiner realization.

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