Student Event Evaluation

Anne Krüger
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Teaching Report

Dr. Judith Ricken
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Susanne Lippold
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The Ruhr-Universität systematically combines methods of internal and external evaluation in order to promote dialogue about good teaching and create the best possible teaching, learning and studying conditions. The evaluation regulations of the RUB prescribe the framework for the internal evaluation methods (student curse evaluation and teaching report), which regulates accrediting both internally and externally, is regulated by legal decisions made by the University Rectors’ Conference (HRK), the Culture Ministers’ Conference (KMK) and the State of NRW.

Student Event Evaluation

How good teaching and learning is can be seen in every course. In order to guarantee and develop this quality, all courses at the Ruhr-Universität are evaluated by the students at least every two years. A discussion with the students about the results of this evaluation enables teachers and lecturers to listen to suggestions about how teaching could be improved. And the faculties' own evaluation commissions can take measures to develop the teaching in their own faculties on the basis of these results.

Teaching report

In the teaching report, the academic institutions at the RUB check the quality of what they offer in terms of courses and teaching, thereby accounting within the university for their activities every two years. The teaching reports are made using a prescribed subject/question grid, which also contains information on student numbers and the number of students finishing their courses, and also capacities. They also summarise the results of the student course evaluation.
The teaching reports are discussed in the University Commission for Teaching, Continuing education and Media (Universitätskommission für Lehre, Weiterbildung und Medien, UKL), which then passes recommendations regarding developments in teaching on to the faculties. These will be set out in objective agreements in the future.


Accrediting is a quality assurance method that was introduced in Germany as a result of the Bologna Process. It is carried out by independent accrediting agencies. In Nordrhein-Westfalen, every BA or MA course must be accredited before it is taught and studied. The method is used after prior approval by the "RUB-interne" approval procedure. The approval procedure and subsequent accrediting take about three-quarters of a year.