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Learning through research ...

... in the sciences


Newt sought, salamander found

What Julia Fröhlich was actually looking for was a newt; instead she ended up nose to nose with a fifteen centimetre long female salamander. It was found while mapping the Berger river valley in the north of Bochum, where MA and BA students of geography were carrying out an environmental impact study for a fictional road construction project. Real planners and surveyors as clients and consultants ensure that everything works like the real thing.


The physics student proves himself

Suppose an egg wanted to do a bungee jump from the second floor. It would, of course, want to have all the fun - to fall for as long and as far as possible, but not so far that it bangs its head ... So how long does the rubber band have to be? It can’t really be that difficult, one might think. But because you can’t just try it out, it turns out to be a pretty tricky task set by the SOWAS practical placement.