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Skills laboratory

Help for Harvey and Sam

All eyes are on Harvey. The blue-eyed man with the mid-blonde hair on the examination table is breathing calmly; you can clearly feel his heart beating. Dominique Ostojic puts the stethoscope to his chest. Conspicuous heart sounds are heard not only by her, but also by all the students in her practice group, who are connected to Harvey by their stethoscopes. Harvey, the man with no lower body, can simulate sixty-five heart diseases. Dominique Ostojic is a tutor in the skills lab of the RUB’s Medical Faculty. The skills lab has twenty-four student employees - or rather the skills labs, because apart from the largest with over 320 square meters in the Marienhospital Herne, there are more in other RUB university hospitals and on campus. Here, away from the daily routine of the hospital, students can practice skills they will need later.

Difficult conversation

“Your boyfriend died in the operating room”

Cordula Meyer is going through hell. She has been sitting in the waiting room for two hours, praying, hoping, agonising. At work, she received the news that her boyfriend had had a motorbike accident, and drove straight to the hospital. No one has been able to give her any information yet. She is a nervous wreck. Now, finally, Dr. Andrea Schmitz comes to get her. The doctor’s serious face is impossible to interpret.
“Ms. Meyer, what do you already know?” she asks. Cordula Meyer speaks haltingly. Dr. Schmitz is obviously finding it hard to say what has to be said. “We saw on the ultrasound that your boyfriend had internal bleeding. We weren’t able to stop the bleeding. We couldn’t help your boyfriend, Ms. Meyer. He died in the operating room.” Bewilderment. Tears. Despair.
A terrible situation - for the girlfriend, but also for the doctor. You shouldn’t blunder into this situation unprepared as a doctor. That’s why the Medical Faculty offers talks with simulated patients.