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Robots dance

When robots dance

“Damn, he’s praying again”, curses a robot coach, while another bravely plunges to the floor to stand his protégé up again. Here in one of the large labs in the ICFO you have to be careful where you put your feet today. Fifteen small robots are being trained here, and their paths are unpredictable. For three days, everything in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is revolving around the small two-legged friends. All 234 first-years are taking part in the practice days, which are being held for the first time this year. Drawn by lots, each pair has been assigned one of the robots.

Electronic workshop

In DIY paradise

Every DIY fan’s heart skips a beat when he enters the Electronic Workshop. Hidden away in the far eastern corner of the engineering building, the electrical engineers’ workshop is fitted out with everything you need as an aspiring engineer. Six workplaces are equipped with soldering irons (brand new as well as tiny ones for tiny components), magnifying glasses, electronic components ranging from sturdy to some that are barely visible to the naked eye, cables, circuit boards, oscillators, all kinds of measuring instruments from very old to brand new, even etching equipment, which is kept in a separate workshop for safety reasons, computer workstations, and most importantly: a whole load of expertise. Philip Dost, Michael Leske and Rebecca Lennartz are at hand with help and advice for everyone.