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Funding Programmes

As for research, the Ruhr-Universität has also launched funding programmes for teaching in order to widely implement its vision for education and to push ahead with the establishment and further development of degree courses.

inStudies project

Individualised, international, und interdisciplinary study at RUB

The Federal Ministry of Education and Research has provided approximately 8.5m euros toward funding the “inStudies” project for the improvement of teaching practices at RUB. RUB intends to use the funding, which comes from the “programme for the improvement of study conditions and greater teaching quality”, to provide RUB students with more opportunities for developing individually specialised qualifications and to facilitate transitions, e.g. from school to university and from university to the professional world.

ELLI Project

Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Engineering

Together with RWTH Aachen University and TU Dortmund University , RUB has launched a project for excellence in teaching and learning in engineering called ELLI (Exzellentes Lehren und Lernen in den Ingenieurwissenschaften). ELLI has received approximately 11 million euros of funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

The project focuses on the development of virtual learning environments with the introduction, construction, and systematic integration of distance-operated lab facilities and computer-generated simulated experiments; another focus is international mobility. The universities are also striving to develop study formats that consolidate the professional competencies of engineers during their studies, which would include intercultural competence and interdisciplinary dialogue.

Research-oriented Teaching

The Research-oriented Teaching programme aims to contribute visibly to the further development of tiered degree programmes, in particular by providing students with an increasing degree of freedom and opportunities to help shape higher education resulting from an early introduction to research. All academic faculties can participate in the programme.

Master 2.0

The University programme "Master 2.0" serves the targeted development of young academics and the further profiling of the courses offered. It supports the establishment and further development of new programmes of study that are closely linked to key research areas, include interdisciplinary elements, and are conducted in a foreign language or bilingually.