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Whether it’s to announce a particularly delicious meal at the cafeteria today or the start of registration for the University Sports programme tomorrow, RUB’s Social Media Team posts the most important news from around campus on the wall of the RUB Facebook page. There are daily announcements on classes, student life between buildings GC and ID, important deadlines, nice places to visit, and that certain X factor at RUB. Anyone can view the Facebook page, even if you do not have a Facebook account. But if you would like to use it interactively, you need to be logged into your Facebook account. If you click on our “like” button, our posts will appear in your newsfeed. This way you can stay up-to-date on what’s going on and also comment on our posts and share them with your friends. Of course, we also welcome your questions and suggestions on our page, preferably in German or in English.

A note on privacy protection
When you set up a personal profile, Facebook requires that you enter some information about yourself (such as your name and your date of birth). You can determine who has access to this information under Facebook’s privacy settings.


Social Media Team
Tel.: +49 234 32 29455


Screenshot TwitterWe are also on Twitter under the handle @ruhrunibochum. You can read our short announcements, or Tweets, regarding news at RUB on Twitter at If you have your own Twitter account, you can also follow us and get in touch with us.


Screenshot YouTubeYou can watch slideshows and videos of campus life (such as popular spots on the RUB campus) on our YouTube channel,