Sono-Tek Coating System‎
Sono-Tek Coating Systems for the preparation of membrane electrode assemblies and gas diffusion electrodes.

Spinsolve 80 Benchtop NMR
Magritek Spinsolve 60 Benchtop NMR suitable for 1H, 31P and 19F NMR spectroscopy. The flow cell enables the connection with our electrochemical setups.

MBraun UNIlab plus
Gloveboxes equipped with utility and signal penetration allowing synthetic work and electrochemical measurements under air exclusion.

GAMRY Reference 600 Potentiostat with a Spectroelectrochemical UV-vis flow cell (SEC-2F) as well as a custom made IR cell. In addition the system is equipped with the DigiElch simulation software.

Mössbauer Spectroscopy
SeeCo Mössbauer system with a Janis cryostat for handling samples down to liquid He temperatures.

Online Gaschromatography
Agilent 7820A GC System equipped with a methanizer for gas analytics

2 Shimadzu GC-MS QP2020

Offline Gaschromatography
Shimadzu GC-MS QP2020 equipped with a HS-20 Headspace Sampler.

HPLC System for liquid phase analysis.

Sulfidation and Reduction System
Tube furnace with gas switch (H22S for sulfidation and reduction reactions.

High Temperature Ovens
... for the synthesis of solid state materials.

Planetary Micro Mills
Pulverisette 7 premium line
Pulverisette 5 premium line

Bruker D2 Powder X-ray
... Sponge Bob lives.