SFB News - 2019
12.12.2019 Sense of rhythm:

Scientists from Bochum examine how playing the drums changes the brain. Read more.

27.11.2019 Lesion study

A team of neuroscientists has studied where in the brain the awareness of touch is processed. Read more.

23.10.2019 BRAIN CAF… in November:

Prof. Dr. Annette Kluge (Fakultšt of Psychology, RUB) explains why forgetting can be useful in the work context. Read more.

02.10.2019 BRAIN CAF… in October:

Juniorprof. Dr. Andreas Reiner (Faculty of Biology and Biotechnology) talks about how signal transmission between nerve cells works. Read more.

15.08.2019 Hippocampus:

Two RUB-Researchers are looking for the origin of schizophrenia in the brain. Read more.

15.08.2019 Passive perception:

Do humans and rats react similarly to unexpected situations? This has recently been analysed by a research group at RUB Read more.

18.08.2019 Optogenetics:

A team of scientists from Ruhr Universitšt Bochum found a way to manufacture light-activated proteins. Read more. Read more.

18.07.2019 Orientation:

An international team of researchers has studied how the brain remembers where you're heading to. Read more.

18.07.2019 Scientific dialogue:

Researchers of the SFB 874 meet for the annual retreat. Read more.

07.06.2019 Signal transmission:

The protein Tamalin is involved in the development of hippocampal long-term synaptic depression. Read more.

25.04.2019 Sensory Perception:

Two scientists analyse how the olfactory brain affects memory. Read more.

11.04.2019 Neuronexxt:

The CRC 874 launched a career platform for female neuroscientists. Read more.

04.04.2019 Cancer Therapy:

RUB researchers have investigated why Bevacizumab causes memory problems in patients with brain tumours. Read more.

20.03.2019 Conditioning:

Researchers of the CRC 874 find out: Odours are easier to combine with emotions than sounds. Read more.

26.02.2019 Book Release:

Prof. Dr Denise Manahan-Vaughan is editor of the latest volume in the "Handbook of Behavioral Neuroscience" series. Read more.

18.02.2019 Optogenetics:

RUB-scientist show how to control and visualise receptor signals in neural cells. Read more.

16.01.2019 Alpha-oscillation:

A study by researchers of the CRC 874 shows: Neurofeedback can help to control learning success. Read more.