SFB News - 2017
21.12.2017 Synaptic plasticity

RUB scientists analyse how odours are turned into long-term memories. Read more.

09.12.2017 Graduation Day 2017

On its Graduation Day the International Graduate School of Neuroscience celebrated its graduates and the winners of this year's school writing competition received their prizes.Read more.

30.11.2017 The Enigma of Human Behaviour
Scientists say: Neuroscience needs a more holistic approach.
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04.10.2017 Gamers have an advantage in learning

Videogames better than their reputation. Read more.

05.10.2017 Smart birds

Pigeons better at multitasking than humans. Read more.

18.09.2017 Standard methods may lead to distorted results –

That is what research on the calcium dynamics of neuron tells us. Read more.

How the emotions of others influence our olfactory sense

Whether something smells good or bad, does not solely depend on one´s own nose. Read more.

28.07.2017 A breath of fresh air from Philadelphia

Neuroscientific research internship at the RUB. Read more.

08.06.2017 Spatial maps

For rodents, seeing is believing.
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11.05.2017 Ontogenesis of Lateralization

In a review , published in the journal Neuron, researchers from the RUB described why the brain's split design is useful.
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25./26.04.2017 SFB 874/IGSN Conference 2017

On 25th/26th of April the annual conference organised by SFB 874 and IGSN took place.
Click here for photos and more details.

12.04.2017 As Clever as a Monkey

Who is the smartest: Apes, corvids or pigeons? Read more.

07.04.2017 New Project in SFB 874

The DFG has approved a grant for a further project. It is led by PD. Dr. Burkhard Pleger. Read more.

30.03.2017 How Stress Influences Our Visual Perception

An eye tracking study on visual perception in stressful situations.
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08.03.2017 Glowing thoughts

RUB-scientist studies motion perception in the brain with fluorescent dyes.
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05.01.2017 Our senses can't learn under stress

Researchers show that stress has a major effect on our perception and perceptual learning.
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