SFB News - 2015
10.12.2015 Neurotransmitter Gaba Predicts Learning

In an international collaboration with the Johns Hopkins University, three principal investigators of the SFB 874 have shown, how baseline GABA-levels can predict learning success. "Cerebral Cortex" has published these results. Read more.

07.12.2015 Graduation Day

On its Graduation Day the International Graduate School of Neuroscience celebrated its graduates and the winners of this year's school writing competition received their prizes. Read more.

17.11.2015 Stimulation in Pain Medicine

In a pilot study conducted by scientists of the SFB 874, high frequency repetitive stimulation was investigated as a therapeutic approach for pain patients. Read more.

17.11.2015 Anatomy of the pigeon brain

The results of a neuroanatomical study conducted by project B5 on the brain of the pigeon has been published by "The Journal of Comparative Neurology". Read more.

02.11.2015 Book on Whisker System SFB 874

Principal investigator Prof. Patrik Krieger has published a book about the latest findings on the sensorimotor integration in the whisker system of rodents. Read more.

14.10.2015 The Brainīs Dress Code

Much ado about a dress – optical illusion is responsible. Bochum study provides explanation. Read more.

29.09.2015 Morse code is key for understanding learning processes

A group of SFB 874 scientists at the Bergmannsheil University Clinic has performed MRI scans on participants while they decoded Morse signals. Their findings on learning processes in the brain are being published by "Human Brain Mapping". Read more.

16.09.2015 New Project in Collaborative Research Centre 874

The DFG has approved a grant for a further project. It is led by Prof. Dr. Nikolai Axmacher. Read more.

10.09.2015 Focus on chemical processes at the synapses

Scientists of SFB 874 have gained new insights into the unique cellular chemistry of EC-CA1 synapses in the Hippocampus. Their results are published in "Neuroscience". Read more.

28.08.2015 How the mind sharpens the senses

SFB 874 researchers headed by PD Dr. Hubert Dinse were able to show, that meditation elicits learning mechanism similar to physical training.

"Scientific Reports" has published their findings. Read more.

04.08.2015 New theory for the sense of vision

Specialisation of cells in the cortex could have origin in the retina. Principle of the colour seeing is potentially valid also for perception of other qualities.
Read more (in german).

28.07.2015 Hippocampus: the key to memory

Where memory is encoded and retrieved. Researchers publish their results in the journal "Hippocampus".
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21.07.2015 Slowness facilitates structure in the brain

Article in the online magazine RUBIN.
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Research findings of SFB 874 subproject B3 have been featured in in the Journal Frontiers in Computational Neuroscience.
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25.06.2015 Scientists in "Retreat"

On June 24th, 2015, the Collaborative Research Centre 874 had its annual retreat at the Arcadeon conference hotel in Hagen. Collaborative Research Centre 874 looks back on current projects and plans new research.
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17.06.2015 Ataxia mouse model developed

Investigating the origins of spinocerebellar ataxia 6. RUB researcher report in the Journal of Neuroscience.
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19.05.2015 New Model for Memory Formation

A work of the SFB 874 subprojects B2 and B3 is now published in PLoS Computational Biology
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28.04.2015 SFB 874 / IGSN Conference

On April 28th and 29th 2015, the SFB 874 / IGSN conference "Cortical and subcortical representation of sensory and cognitive memory" took place at the Ruhr University's conference centre.
Click here for a report and photos.

30.03.2015 Building block for memory and learning identified

A specific neurotransmitter receptor supports optimal information processing in the brain. RUB researchers published their report in "The Journal of Neuroscience".
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