SFB News - 2012
06.12.2012 Leibniz Prize 2013 for Onur GüntürkÜn

Prof. Onur Güntürkün is one of the winners of the most important research award in Germany "The Leibniz Prize 2013" provided by the DFG.
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06.12.2012 School Painting Challenge

The results of the SFB874/IGSN 2012 painting competition are in!
Click here to see the winning entries

13.11.2012 Prof. Dr. Hanns Hatt elected to the Leopoldina

RUB-researcher Prof. Dr. Hanns Hatt enriched German National Academy. Read more (only in German)

01.11.2012 Science needs women

Prof. Dr. Manahan-Vaughan supports young parents in her lab - with the help of the SFB 874- to make their way between family and career.
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27.09.2012 Brain Day 2012

On September 26th, the second Brain Day took place with lectures and information all about the brain.
You will find first impressions here. (only German)
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24.09.2012 Visiting RUB

Prof. Yuri Dabaghian from Houston (USA) is guest at the Mercator Research Group "Structure of Memory" (Prof. S. Cheng). Read more

20.09.2012 Award to outstanding high school theses "Facharbeit"

RUB grants "Dr. Hans Riegel-Fachpreis". Julio Wissing is one of the awardees for his "Facharbeit" with the title "Entstehung von Erinnerung auf physiologischer Ebene". Read more (only in German)

19.09.2012 Dancing keeps you fit

BRAIN DAY 2012 at the Ruhr-University Bochum: The SFB 874 invites scientist and interested lay people to present its latest research results and to exchange experiences and ideas. Read more (only in German)

18.09.2012 NENS Training Stay Stipend

Norma Naima Rüther, a PHD-student of the SFB 874, has been awarded with a NENS (Network of European Neuroscience Schools) stipend to conduct a training stay in Milano. Congratulations, Naima! Read more

30.06.2012 Extraschicht

The "Brainiacs" took part with an exciting brain-course in the University Library.
For more information and pictures click here.

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29.06.2012 Visiting RUB

Thomas Bugnyar is guest for several weeks at the Department of Biopsychology (Prof. O. Güntürkün). Read more

07.03.2012 Visiting RUB

Friedrich T. Sommer from Berkely (USA) is guest for 2 months (March and April 2012) at the Mercator Research Group "Structure of Memory" (Prof. S. Cheng). Read more

02.02.2012 Increased Excitability in Aged Brains

RUB scientists report in the Journal of Neuroscience about increased excitability of somatosensory cortex in aged humans. Read more (in German)