Neuroscience News at the RUB - 2012
07.11.2012 Firewall for Neurons:

Fumarates rise hope in the fight against relapsing Multiple Sclerosis Bochumer researcher report in RUBIN.
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22.10.2012 7T-scanner starts its work

On October 22nd the 7T-scanner of the Mercator Research Group 1 "Structure of Memory" starts officially its work.
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22.10.2012 New Proof for MS

RUB researchers and researchers of the Hannover Medical School (MHH) discover a new technique. Published in "Neurology".
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28.09.2012 Risk factors for MS

RUB researchers examine low vitamin D and elevated immunoreactivity against Epstein-Barr virus as risk factors, before first clinical manifestation of multiple sclerosis.
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14.09.2012 Learning faster

RUB researchers examine Huntington’s gene mutation carriers. People who bear the genetic mutation for Huntington’s disease learn faster than healthy people. Severity of the genetic mutation related to learning efficiency. Read more

13.09.2012 Filaminopathy

Research Team with RUB contribution report in Brain: Pathophysiology of protein aggregation and extended phenotyping in filaminopathy.
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08.08.2012 Learning after stress

RUB psychologists compare learning achievement with and without stress. Stressed volunteers use different strategies and brain regions.
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25.07.2012 Force of habit

Stress hormones switch off areas of the brain for goal-directed behaviour.
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09.07.2012 Multiple Sclerosis

Research Team with RUB contribution report in Nature: Gene Link to Multiple Sclerosis Explains Drug Side Effects. Read more (only in German)

28.06.2012 Taking the fate of stem cells in hand

RUB biologists have transformed stem cells from the spinal cord into immature nerve cells. In future, these results could be valuable for cell replacement therapies. Read more

30.05.2012 Hear to see

Researchers at the RUB and from Durham report about a new method for the treatment of visual field defects. Read more

15.05.2012 FAM-Conference

World-leading experts discussed about the "Functional Architecture of Memory". Conference Website

16.03.2012 Alcohol makes the brain more unadaptable

RUB researchers describe specific learning deficit in "Alcoholism". Read more (in German)

07.02.2012 New role of cortical maps

Why the middle finger has such a slow connection. RUB neuroscientists report in PNAS: Inhibition of neighbouring nerve cells determines the reaction speed. Read more

30.01.2012 Socializing keeps mentally fit

Article in RUBIN: Social contacts improve communication between nerve cells. Read more (in German)

18.01.2012 Observing nerve cell networks

RUB neuroscientist coordinates German-Israeli Project Cooperation (DIP). Read more (in German)

16.01.2012 Emmy Noether Research Group

RUB-Researchers decipher interaction of fragrances and olfactory receptors and compare it with dancing tango: Both partners repeatedly separate and come together again at another point.
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