Neuroscience News at the RUB - 2011
13.12.2011 Like a tango

RUB-Researchers decipher interaction of fragrances and olfactory receptors and compare it with dancing tango: Both partners repeatedly separate and come together again at another point.
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12.12.2011 Control by the matrix

RUB researchers report in “Development” how specific cells are generated in the spinal cord and which role proteins in the cell environment play. Read more

12.12.2011 RUB-Researcher awarded

Prof. Dr. Ralf Gold is awarded a prize for his outstanding MS-research by Sobek-Foundation. Read more (in German)

07.12.2011 Brain Movies and degrees

The International Graduate School of Neuroscience at RUB awards the PhD-degrees and advertises the winners of the pupil’s competition “Brain Movie”. Read more (in German)

30.11.2011 Important midbrain

Structures in the midbrain that developed early in evolution can be responsible for functions in newborns which in adults are taken over by the cerebral cortex. RUB scientists report in the Journal of Neuroscience.
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24.11.2011 Beta blockers against stress

RUB-Psychologists found out, how beta blockers can help to reduce the negative aspects of stress.
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15.11.2011 10th anniversary

In 2001 six graduate schools in NRW were founded, among them RUB’s International Graduate School of Neuroscience. Now they celebrate their 10th anniversary.
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26.10.2011 Architects of the brain

Bochum’s neurobiologists have investigated how different receptors promote the formation of nerve cell processes. Read more

18.10.2011 Uncontrollable muscles

RUB-scientists find out the basics of hereditary muscle-diseases. Recent publication in the FASEB Journal.
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26.09.2011 Two-dimensional learning

Viewing computer images causes long-term changes in nerve cell connections. Read more

21.09.2011 The "disinhibited" brain

New findings on CRPS – a disease characterized by severe pain.
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15.09.2011 GPS in the head?

Rhythmic activity of neurons to code position in space. Read more

29.08.2011 RUB-Summer School

The „European Campus of Excellence“ provides a wide range of topics all around learning, remembering and forgetting. Read more

20.07.2011 Movements are controlled with lights

Neuroscientists show that light influence the activity of neurons in the cerebellum. Read more

30.06.2011 Harmful mobile-radiation?

RUB-Neuroscientists show: High doses of mobile-radiation can interfere with learning. Phone calls are not dangerous, though.
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05.05.2011 Exhibition of fragrances

From heavenly perfumes to stench of hell. New exhibition in the RUB-botanic garden now open. Read more (in German)

08.04.2011 Prof. Güntürkün decorated

RUB-Psycologist earned NRW-decoration for German-Turkish exchange. Read more (in German)

31.03.2011 Special Class Reunion

To the 10th anniversary of IGSN top-class Alumni-meeting.
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24.03.2011 Multiplexing in the brain

RUB-scientists visualize for the first time by new imaging technique: object orientation and its motion is encoded simultaneously in the visual brain. Read more

18.03.2011 Insight into epilepsy

Bochum's neuroscientists discover epilepsy trigger and report on new treatment possibilities. Read more

08.03.2011 Summer School

Network "European Campus of Excellence": Mercator Foundation supports summer school about learning, remembering and forgetting. Read more (in German)

07.03.2011 Protection of nerve cells

Findings in Bochum: Fumarates – a psoriasis medication – protect nerve and glia cells and rise hope in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis. Read more

10.02.2011 Boys' Day 2011

What happens in our brain when we perceive something new in our surrounding? Workshop in Electroencephalography (EEG).
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07.02.2011 When the brain gets older

Looking for survey participants 65 years or older.
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